November 22, 2014


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November 20, 2014

Devils: familiarize yourselves with the exciting list of best practices for whites in this, the Yakub Ultraviolet Light Science age! Rule #1: Always kneel & ask permission before crossing a black man’s path! For the Yakub Melanoma is not a cancer it is the curse foretold in prophesy of having ‘the sores that will not heal” & “no cure for running sore”.


Skin cancer is not a cancer, it is a curse; and, in actuality, it is “The Curse” prophesied in both the Bible and the Koran foretelling of “fires that burn the wicked.” The Ultraviolet Light that singles out white people and burns their skin with incurable sores, and even kills them, is that “fire” those books of prophesy foretell of. Whites present it as a “cancer.” But, be not deceived.

Melanoma is not a cancer. It is the curse of The Sun of God fulfilling the prophesy against evil which the white man fulfulled. While The Devil’s propaganda campaign to present his damnation as a cancer is filled with misinformation, there are some things about its rate of growth and numbers of yearly deaths that he’s been forced to publish.


Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States and the fastest growing. Each year, nearly one million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer. Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, is the most common cancer among people between 25 and 29 years old. It is estimated that one person dies of melanoma every hour in the United States.

“We will continue our campaign against The Devil until his oppression ends or until he is chaff.” – Yakub Muslim cleric Elohim Belial “Yet The Devil claims only one skin sinner is executed daily, we know their are five. Next year it will be increased to nine.”


November 19, 2014

Cosby 1st Rape of White Woman CONFIRMED: Widow of Emmett Till Killer Carolyn Bryant! See NBFSN editorial, ” Though through the laws of Divine Racial Karma, we know these racist white cunts certainly deserved to be drugged, sodomized & raped by black males, DRK’s due interest would have had them scalped, set on fire & dismembered too. We can only continue to support brother Cosby & sit with him in awe of the wickedness of these despicable female dogs that have learned to walk on two legs & speak English.”


(NBFSN Editorial) What the fuck is this Cosby was so powerful bullshit?. When ever in America’s history has a white woman cried black male rape & regardless of evidence that black male wasn’t lynched, killed or thrown in prison. It is a fact that white America, it’s anti-black media & its anti-black judicial system would have taken pleausre in the racial humiliation & racist dethrowning of brother Bill Cosby. These accusations, by this cabal of racist witches, is nothing more than a collective attempt to tarnish this great man’s works.

November 18, 2014

We can all understand why whites are angry: the Native Americans slaughtered millions of them & stole their land, the Africans enslaved & racially terrorized them for over 400 years & Iraq bombed them & stole their oil. Most of all, however, restitution was not made for the genocidal crimes committed against white America. So they have a right to be mad!


But Eric, white America is the ‘big corporation’ that has been stealing from us and refused to make restitution for its crimes. That you can*recognize* the banks’ violations so clearly & not your own kind’s does make you the devil I referenced early and make your hypocrisy nauseating. Be on the side of justice and not ‘white’ justice. Thank you for your very thorough reply & patient demeanor. They are both very much appreciated.

November 12, 2014

Ra despised flesh of Christain whites consumed while in church on Sunday! “Yes, their flesh is consumed while in church too. There is no refuge for them from the Sun of God.”


Is the Ra despised flesh of Christain whites consumed while they are in church on Sunday? “Yes, their flesh is consumed while in church too. There is no refuge for them from the Sun of God.”

November 12, 2014

Are You Ready for Allahu Akbaru Day, November 29th, 2014, White America?


November 12, 2014

Triplets, Not Twins! Lucy Elizabeth & John David Brother Postpartum Nancy Smothered to Death at Birth? “I will be surprised if we can just keep one of her babies alive.”



October 30, 2014

Do you suffer from White Male & Female Big Black Dick Fear Syndrome WMFBBDFS?


gbrm-taotbdIn his continued obsession with our dicks, the white man say: “the Jewish media system is obsessed with emasculating the White male while presenting the black male as the ideal image of masculinity. The White man is flabby, unassertive, limp-wristed and fearful, while the black is a massive, masculine barbarian, capable of humiliating the White with the greatest of ease. The Jews have an obsession with sex and sex organs, and so they have created a myth surrounding black men’s penises, which is now ubiquitous throughout culture and media. The idea is that blacks have much larger penises than Whites, and thus are much more desirable sexually to White females.”

But, analyzing the genetic makeup of 20 Americans of European ancestry and 15 African-Americans, researchers found that the former showed much less variation among 10,000 tested genes than did the latter, which was expected. They also found that Europeans had many more possibly harmful mutations than did African, which was a surprise.

“It’s not the size, it’s the color. Even though we are genetically stronger & our pieces are bigger, it is the blackness that completes sexual activities. Blackness makes sex whole,” say Glax Haas researcher Theron Huru.

Why can’t the white man love?
“I will attempt to show that Racism itself is a predisposition of but one race of Mankind – the White race. Nuclear war, environmental pollution, resource rape… all are Caucasoid behavior, Caucasoid values, Caucasoid psychology.

“There is no way to avoid the truth. The problem with the world is White people.” – Michael Bradley The Iceman Inheritance. Here, author Michael Bradley attempts to explain the historic and well documented savagery of his race. ”Understand the dysfunctional social psychosis of the white man is, rather than the exception, the norm and is present in all his behavior, even sexual.” Huru says. Is the emasculated white male holding down big dick black man? How? Continue reading

October 29, 2014

Can you tell which Holocaust was real and which was an Illuminati movie production? “The African Holocaust is a pan-African discourse on the global historical and contemporary genocide against the mental and physical health of African people.”


Can you tell which Holocaust was real and which was an Illuminati movie production?

Continue reading

October 29, 2014

How the Illuminati’s “the Jews own all the banks” & “blacks motivated by (Fake) Jews” Propaganda  Destroyed  the ‘once upon a time’ legitimate White Nationalist movement.:

Publishing the Illuminati’s “The Black are Motivated by the Jews to Hate, Rob & Kill Whites” ideologies as its chief tenet, what little credability the white nationalist movement had is now gone,” says National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) historian notes NBFSN historian Carter Dubois The ideology “White Nationalism is a fake movement that was created by the historically racist US government regime and up held by the Illluminati for the purpose to disseminate misinformation.

The movement has no legitimate issues and, for the purpose of aiding in the illusion of legitimacy of Israel, most purposely propagandizes ‘Zionist conspiracy theories’, a Glax Haas Institute reported about the movement in March. Critics allege Duke is a propaganda tool for the US government regime.

David Icke, Lyndon LaRouche, David Duke or Alex Jones, actually do not work with the best and most credible info and do not substantiate what they assert in any way. There are conspiracies, and when they are well presented, they cease to be theories and become facts. Those listed do not do that. In fact it is fairly certain that they were artifically elevated to their roles for the purpose of discrediting facts of conspiracy or diminishing them by staying out of context of explanation. What they present is actually used by cognitive infiltrators to diminish the facts with confusion and distraction.


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