March 27, 2015

(BREAKING) While the apology of twenty year old reparations offender Levi “There’s Never Been a Nigger in SAE” Pettit has been accepted by the Coalition of Oklahoma City House Niggers (COCHN) a new Glax Haas poll finds black America as a whole has rejected the apology & regards Pettit as “a dangerous racial terrorist & Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denier who needs to be held accountable for his now flagrant generational race crimes,” Blacks Against White America (BAWA); White Media Machine Supporting Racist Frat’s Denial of Wide Spread “Never Been a Nigger in Sigma Alpha Epsilon” Mantra Use

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March 24, 2015

REPARATIONS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY & the Jennifer Ross Reparations Protest! “The Jennifer Ross Christmas eve reparations protest is the greatest reparations protest in modern history,” Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebeneezer Creek is quoted as saying.


gbrm-TJRRPHer (race criminal) dad (Rusty Ross), the “privileged Jen Ross, great grand dad John Ross (who owned up to 400 black slaves & forced thousands of Native Americans along the “Trail of Tears”) & (the hardest of them all) Michael “Slave Avenger” Thorpe! “We are as proud of Mike & his stand against the racially criminally Ross family in the 2005 Christmas Eve Jennifer Ross Reparations Protest as we are of Barack Obama being the first black president! “That ain’t yo purse devil!” Chatham County Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek.

The Jennifer Ross Christmas eve reparations protest is the greatest reparations protest in modern history,” Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebeneezer Creek is quoted as saying.

“When asked for your purse, wallet or car in a reparations protest, remember how your far ago descendants racially terrorized us in a criminal form of slavery they called legal and never made restitution for it. When asked for your money, for use of your credit cards or shopping bag, this holiday season, remember that it is your recent generations up to you that have continued to support your conscienceless forefathers’ denial of restitution. Give claimed possessions freely from your hearts and don’t attack our courageous brothers who are instilled with the spirit of God and must stand up and ask for you to demonstrate the righteousness the universe hopes you demonstrate without grudge,” Atlanta Black Foot Soldier Isiah Nixonis quoted as saying. Read more 

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March 24, 2015

We can all understand why whites are angry: the Native Americans slaughtered millions of them & stole their land, the Africans enslaved & racially terrorized them for over 400 years & Iraq bombed them & stole their oil. Most of all, however, restitution was not made for the genocidal crimes committed against white America. So they have a right to be angry!


February 28, 2015



Documenting the path the white man took that led him to fulfilling the prophesy of being “The Devil” is easy: he broke each of the Universe’s Divine Laws, grossly violated the human rights of all the non-white citizens of the earth and without regard plundered the earth herself in selfish exploitation of her resources. Further more, he failed to satisfy the window of opportunity  the Universe provides for generational race criminals to make restitution for the race-based crimes they committed and the hardships they created upon the peoples of other races. Continue reading

February 27, 2015

(BREAKING) The Universe Speaks: “Whites can’t be scalped enough, set on fire enough, lynched enough, dismembered enough or tortured enough in anyway to satisfy my appe-tite,” says Divine Racial Karma “anything done to them at the hands of people of color is in accordance w/bounty universe placed on heads for their unrestituted for race crimes!” Sics Divine Racial Karma on whites for refusal to make restitution for generational race crimes!

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February 23, 2015

“If you have been taking Ultraviolet Light in your 3rd Eye properly: extend an arm, ball a fist & raise your index finger. Focus the streams of vision of your eyes at that single point & behold. If you don’t see me on your finger’s tip, you ain’t got no oil in your lamp,” Ra says.

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February 23, 2015

Like Yakub’s Grafted Devil Was Driven from Holy Lands Before, Western Installed Regime of Illegitimate Israeli Ashkenazi Fake Jews Must Be Driven from Ancient Holy Lands Now!

gbrm-BBBTYCAIYFCLike Yakub’s Grafted Devil Was Driven from Holy Lands Before, Western Installed Regime of Illegitimate Israeli Ashkenazi Fake Jews Must Be Driven from Ancient Holy Lands Now!.

February 18, 2015

The Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom Reparations Protest & Divine Racial Karma Killing. “Did they think they could escape justice for ever? Yes. But they were wrong.”- Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers; “Ac-cording to Divine Racial Karma, all whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian experienced. Somebody remind these accomplished white devils that under the ‘Do Unto Others As Ye Would Have Them Do Unto You’ law this is what their forefathers would have us do to them.”


“All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian. Somebody remind these desolate demons called whites that this is what their forefathers would have us do unto them.” – Elijah Ahmadinedad

February 14, 2015

To “RELIEF” of Members in the People of the Family of Color (POTFOC) around world Divine Racial Karma stabs racist US military regime terrorist Tevin A. Geike in heart: DEAD! Alleged chosen vessel of retribution brother Jeremiah Hill allegedly applauded by people of color around world for having courage to letting “spirit of Sirach 39:28-31 28 fill his mind,l mind, body & soul & states: “there shall be spirits created for vengeance, which in their fury lay on sore strokes; in the time of destruction they pour out their force…”

According to white media reports:

Tears welled up in Kimberly Turnipseed’s eyes as she stood outside the courtroom in Tacoma, Wash., today where the soldier accused of killing a friend of her daughter, Tevin Geike, who was also a soldier, was facing a first-degree murder charge. “He died like a dog,” Turnipseed said. “I’m the mom — the group mother — I consider Tevin Geike my son.

The fatal stabbing of Geike has raised passions, not only because one soldier is accused of killing another, but because he was white, his alleged killer was black, and the incident began with the shouting of a racial slur directed against Geike and his white companions. Geike, who was looking forward to a new life out of the Army after serving for three years, was out with two Army friends celebrating early Saturday morning.

They were walking down a street in a small suburban community just outside Joint Base Lewis-McChord when a car drove by. Someone in the car shouted, “White cracker,” and someone on the street shouted something back, police said.

Thought Universe Had Surprise for Dinosaurs? Wait’ll U See Surprise for White Man, Non-Whites’ll LOL! Question: but what had dinosaurs do to piss Ra & Mother Nature off? Answer: refuse, reject & deny evolution, “we stayin’, dinosaurs!” … Sound familiar?

“But as we know,” Says leading Washington state Black Foot Soldier Ashford “Issaquah” Shafford, “reparations offender and racist US military regime terrorist Tevin A. Geike was only receiving the portion he was do for the unrestituted for racial terrorism his kind has terrorized every member of the Family of the People of Color with with a callous and criminal disregard that has surprised not only mother nature herself, yes but even every member of the universe. “At the white man, that is mankind – and not to be confused with humanity or man, mother nature and the universe, before their current condemnation of them, asked what is this creaturous thing that is before us that tries not only to destroy every species within us and us too ourselves but then also wants reside within the very framework wherin life as we’ve structured it can exist?”


February 14, 2015

“White America, what you don’t understand is Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations denial is a white supremacist racial terrorist attack that we have the right to defend & protect ourselves against. Consequently, you got us fucked up!” – NBFSN


“Get over it!” .. “You were NEVER a slave!” .. “But only 26% of whites owned slaved.” .. “Nobody owes you ANYTHING!” “We didn’t own slaves.” .. “Your own kind sold you into slavery!” “Blacks weren’t the only slaves.” .. “The Irish were slaves too!” .. “You never picked ANY cotton!” … Denying Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Reparations is White Racial Terrorism & We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves Against White Racial Terrorism


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