Divine Racial Karma Thrillers William Gary Simpson & Nickolas Miller, Knoxville Carjacking Reparations Protester Letalvis Cobbins & Resist White Police Terror Activist Tyress Mathews: GhettoBraggingRightsMagazine 2011 Hardest Black Male Felons!

23 Responses to “Divine Racial Karma Thrillers William Gary Simpson & Nickolas Miller, Knoxville Carjacking Reparations Protester Letalvis Cobbins & Resist White Police Terror Activist Tyress Mathews: GhettoBraggingRightsMagazine 2011 Hardest Black Male Felons!”

  1. These beasts don’t have any clue that they are perpetually pissed off simply because they are feral violent beasts, and because they “need” to be as prosperous as whites, without the need to take on the same tasks, responsibilities or accountability. When it doesn’t work out that way their heads explode.

    At the top of the page, they pin their anger on slavery, which ended in 1865 and on a lynching that took place one hundred years ago. These pea brained simians don’t know what the fuck their problem is and they have to dig far into the past to find weak excuses for their abhorrent behavior.

  2. Stupid niggers

  3. Fantastic article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  4. there doesnt need to be any names called….the letters they put together on this site show they are base animals who are controlled by their emotions…sex,food,drugs,alcohol…this si what they,as a race,live for.Then,of course,there is the genetic problems

  5. Stupid animals!


  7. you do realize niggers got lynched because they were guilty. no such thing as an innocent nigger. as far as slavery, y’all deserved it. you started it, we finished it.

  8. To the The people here who are using the N word and displaying their own racist attitudes, I hope you know, that it’s by reading remarks such as the ones you left that makes these people angry and I would be too! In fact i am now even though I’m not black. Being called stupid, monkey and nigger gets really aggravating after a while.

    I read a post on a conspiracy forum, it was written by a grown white man, he was complaining about a ten year old black kid cutting through his yard, and pretending to be worried about getting robbed by the kid (who was on his way to school, none the less) people left derogatory comments about the child because he was black and they even recommend that he set traps, that would injure and scare the boy away.

    I and my family have been tormented by gangs of hispanics, but blacks have always been more than civilized to me, in fact nicer than any whites I’ve known.
    If there are white people who have issues with blacks it’s because of their own doing. I have never lived in a “black community”, but I have lived in a very poor and rundown part of a city where I was the only white person. Blacks and whites have always to me seemed to behave the same, except that blacks are more cleanlier. We’ve only been mistreated by Hispanics, so this is how I see it from my own experience.
    Maybe in a bigger city like Boston or NYC I would be given a different view but the racist white rednecks here have never lived in the innercity so they really have no actual experience or reason besides what they’ve been taught.

    • typical black dick gobblin liberal. Enjoy them.

    • You never lived in a black community, yet you lived in an all black part of a city? What the fuck do you think that is you ignorant liberal monkey fucker? While there is White trash, to say that blacks are “cleanlier” than whites in general is a fucking riot. lol Now go guzzle that ape cum you vile race traitor whore.

  9. I read this garbage and that is what it is, ignorant babbling from a degenerate breed of inhumanity. One that talks about respect but has flash mobs over a stupid tennis shoe. You are your own worse enemy, not the whites who you claim have no innocence. You murder each other at a rate far, far more than my organization in it’s 147 years of existence has ever taken out. Respect, from your perspective is an oxymoron. You know not the meaning of the word respect. Respect isn’t sagging your drawers or $200 Nikes, or 2500 dollar rims on a 300 hundred dollar car. Respect is making your own way in the world without expecting someone else to take care of your worthless hides. Respect doesn’t mean asking for reparations from individuals who have never owned a slave and you couldn’t pay me to own one. Forty acres and a mule was the deal, sounds good to me. A return boat ticket to the Motherland, Most of you would pee your drawers if you wound up back in the Motherland. Here you have it made, welfare, medic-care, affirmative action, and on and on.
    We’ve got a mud in the Black House who has made it abundantly clear that Blacks cannot be held accountable to the same hate crime laws as whites and won’t be prosecuted as such. I look forward to the day of reckoning, I and my Brothers and Sisters, I will respect anyone who has respect for themselves and others, but these pathetic excuses as to why the majority of blacks are drug addicts, three-quarters of our population in the penal system, and the biggest free-loaders on the benefit system aren’t carrying water any longer.

  10. Keep flapping those biscuit lips you stupid porch monkey niggers. Karma? Karma was the reason niggers were in bondage in the first place, seeing as slavery was started in africant in the first place.

    The result of all the bullshit vitriol being spewed forth from the jenkem infested teefs of niggers will only result in their destruction. How’s that for Karma?

    All Human Beings hate niggers and will gloriously unite to fend off these attacks.

    The Humans are awake now you stupid fucking apes.

    We Are Coming.

  11. Read the venom coming out of these white folks mouth…Black folk finally waking up crackers…yes and we gonna take back Africa also.You world is coming apart,its time for you to return to the cave….Keep organizing Black man,woman and child we need more Black organizations like Black Foot Soldiers…Keep you ears to the ground for the new Marcus Garvey movement,we need a racail fraternity for African People world wide .Up ye Mighty Race…you can accoplish what ye will…..Marcus Garvey

  12. I am college educated, took many psychology courses. I have many questions for the black community, one, if you hate white people so much,why stay in this country? Stay living around white people would be like the rape victim staying with her rapist! The kidnapped victim staying with the kidnapper? The abused staying with the abuser?GET the picture,it looks a little mental. Slavery, I believe affected your community greatly. The violence and the mental behavior of your community reflects that. I think that ALL black people need to get mental help, to come to terms with how their DEAD LOVEONES,whom they don’t know, was treated!!!! To get out of that victim mindset, because if you feel like victim,act like a victim,carry yourself like a victim, YOU WILL AWAYS BE A VICTIM!!NOW you don’t want to look like a victim of the WHITE RICH MAN???DO YOU??? Also, it take a lot of energy to carry all that hatred around and feed it.

  13. Hypothetically speaking, If all White males were to shoot one negro a day, how long would it take to have a safe county ?
    About 2 hours & 12 min. Remember Negros, there aren’t near as many of you thanks to Democrats, Eugenics movement, and Planned Parenthood 🙂

  14. Your bullshit may put fear into the minority left wing pacifist, but you don’t mean 2 fux to me. You are a lying, thieving, killer, no more than a dog. There are lot of us scary white-boys what ain’t as civilized as some of these gay-lovin apologists. I’ll shoot your monkey ass in front of your mom, stuff bacon down your throat, and hang you from your own front porch. Why don’t you go suck a Latino nut…it might quell the fear you have of them, you spineless ass puncher. I welcome the cleansing that’s coming, so bring your best, and hurry up about it! Stop your pussy-whining on the internet about reparations. I’ll give your just due, and you will lose.


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