Fake Jew Supermodel Bar Refaeli & Los Angeles Clippers Stud Chris Paul Let It Hang; Morally Depraved & Sexually & Racially Psychotic White America Votes (Again) on “Sexiest & Hardest Black On White Rapist 2012;” Why YT Jealous of & Lust Muh Dik?


 A new generation of sexually insecure and emasculated white males is rising. Couple this with the psycho-racial-sexual desires of the white girls, teens and adult females who actively seek out, lure and to trick black men into compromising and risqué  situations where they can be charged with robbery, rape and murder and it’s not surprising that we live in a predominately white culture that not only promotes violent and erotic black on white (BOW) imagery, but also seeks, promotes and votes for the BOW  rapists who they think are the sexiest & the hardest.

“It’s an extremely disturbing psycho-racial psychology that has developed in white America and the Caucasian population across the world,” says former GhettoBraggingRights publisher Kirkland Perkins. “But as we discovered years ago,  whites both male and female and old and young fantasize about being victimized (robbed, raped and killed) by what they perceive as hardened black males. It is so deeply rooted in them, it is an inseparable part of their egos. Our people need to be warned about the racial psychos lurking in them.”

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