But was he the kind of black male she wanted to raped & stabbed to death by? Yes.

Darryl Hunt (born 1965) is an African American man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina who, in 1984, was wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of a young white newspaper copy editor, Deborah Sykes, but was later exonerated by DNA evidence. He served 19 and a half years in prison before he was freed after review and exoneration.

But, as we are finding out, there are a lot of white girls and women who want  young black males to rob, rape and kill them. Thier lusts have progressed to wanting more than sex from us, though. They want to robed, (often kidnapped – like Channon Christian), raped and killed.

It is widely reported that Channon Christian wanted the death by sexual torture scenario and staged it herself. Emily was only following in Channon’s footsteps.

“We can foresee a day when white women will no longer want sex from black men and will only want us to violently slay them.” – Kirkland Perkins

The white women death by sexual torture death from blacks is the new ‘in’ thing. It goes all the way back to their fascination with blacks from the days of slavery. What is most disturbing, however, is that it is being reported that as more UV light comes through the Ozone Layer and burns their skin, it also burns and destroys their mental faculties making it increasing difficult for them to choose between their normal depravity and the increased levels of perversion in them we are seeing.

One Comment to “But was he the kind of black male she wanted to raped & stabbed to death by? Yes.”

  1. Perhaps it’s YOUR brain that’s been fried by the sun. I’ll bet you’re also one of those who believe the pyramids were created by UFOs. Just because YOU want Darryl Hunt’s dick in YOUR ass doesn’t mean you should blame the whities for that, too. Embrace your homosexuality! Go get yourself some black cock if that’s what floats your boat. Ain’t no shame, be proud of who you are. No judgement here…

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