(BREAKING) Autumn Pasquale: Was She Playing White-On-Black (WOB) Rape-Lure & Kill? (PLUS) What About the Unrestituted for Execution of 14 Year Old George Stinney?

The parents of twelve year old Autumn Pasquale, whose body was discovered in a recycling bin, are now bemoaning she was treated like trash. According to Gloucester County Penitentiary Islam elders, however, say that according to the laws of Divine Racial Karma, the pre-teen “deserved” to be treated like trash. “Did  Jennifer Cornwell and Anthony Pasquale (Autumn’s parents) ever bemoan their kind’s failure to make restitution for generational race crimes against the Native Americans, the Africans, us African Americans and all the planets people of color? No, they didn’t and they haven’t. They are hypocrites who Divine Racial Karma is feeding them their cake.”

More disturbing, however, is that some in the Gloucester County Ghetto Bragging Rights community allege that (by the girl’s behavior) she may have been playing “rape-lure niggers to kill me” – a psycho-racial game allegedly played by whites in Autumn’s demographic where they beguilingly put themselves in sexually vulnerable situations with black males but actually desire to be killed.

“If Autumn went over to these boys’ house with the intent of rape-luring them and then committing suicide or, worse, tricking them into killing her, then she should be held accountable for her actions,” a Gloucester County Black Foot Soldier is quoted as saying.

It’s being reported that some local Yakub Muslims are condemning the vigils many local whites have now held for the teen and are admonishing the family that, as the Mother Earth and the Sun of God have changed turned their faces against Caucasians, that they should not  bury her corpse within ‘our parents’ dirt. “It is better that her remains be thrown into the streets for the dogs to maul,” their condemnation reportedly states. It has not been determined if her parents will take heed to the advice and repent of their sins. (Developing…)


18 Responses to “(BREAKING) Autumn Pasquale: Was She Playing White-On-Black (WOB) Rape-Lure & Kill? (PLUS) What About the Unrestituted for Execution of 14 Year Old George Stinney?”

  1. Articles like this make me hope the world really does end on 12/21/2012. If people actually still think it’s okay to brutally murder a child in cold blood for any reason, despite all the time we have had to learn from the past, this world no longer deserves to exist.

  2. @anigashakur

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  3. did you know niggrs are living proof the indian fukd the buffalo
    what do you call an Ethiopian taking a shite……a show off.
    why were there no blacks in the flintstones……..they were still apes
    when does a black boy become a niggr…….when he leaves the room.

    I would kill the author of this site if he would let his coward ass be known,i would skin your blak arse alive,or jew arse,you are either one or the other but one thing is for sure you are gonna die a slow and painful death,probably cancer or butt cancer that’s what all you brothas get.lol…message me back so I can track your niggr arse down and cut your fukn throat,santa ria cursed .you a dead niggr now,the hex is on…banana lipped monkey .we will start killing your kids ,the war is on,niggrs beware,don’t let your kids out of your sight,cuiz we gonna kill em dead.

  4. dead nigger, dead nigger,dead nigger.

  5. You are truly a nigger in the true sense of the world. I hope all your black children are burned, raped and killed and you have to watch.

  6. Final proof that the mud people are evolutionally inferior to apes.

  7. White people need to stop going to Africa, stop building their schools, stop feeding the niglets. We need to demand that our schools stop catering to the IQ 80 niggers, and reinstate fine literature, European history. They have been dragging us down since the 60’s. Seriously, we are told they can’t learn on their own, they feel inferior, they need to be in white schools to learn. Well, the opposite would hold true buy that logic. White children do worse when they have to sit alongside illiterate mud.

  8. youre a piece of fucking shit. autumn wasnt even racist. if she were racist she wouldnt of went over a black kids house. youre dumb as fuck, i really feel bad for you, honestly. and i hope you find god and get some fucking sense. youre so uneducated and stupid, what if that wass youre daughter? or youre sister? and the killer was white and victim was black, that would be a totally different story huh? please find god and get a sense of fucking reality. honestly i hope someone in your family is murdered and than people post hate about them. i really do, because maybe than youll understand what wrong this is. but even then youre stupidity still wont realize this. oh and by posting this youre basiccally saying any black person has the 100% right to BRUTALLY murder an innocent white child? i consider you a murder.piece of fucking shit, get a sense of reality. and burn in hell.

    • if she were racist she wouldnt of went over a black kids house.

      She didn’t go over to the boys’ house because of her bike. She wanted (((EXACTLY))) what she got because that’s wha it’s believed she was sexually satisfied by.

  9. Need to change the name of the site to, “Things I wish were true.”

  10. You are a pos , I hope if you have a little girl, the same happens to her.If you do and she’s grown I hope it happens to her and your granddaughter, most of all I hope you get colon cancer and die slow, and may you rot in hell you brainless pos scum.

  11. As a Native American, I am so disgusted for you to throw my people into your racist, hate filled article! How dare you? How dare you assume my people require restitution from anybody? My people were hung beside yours, My people were not sold by our own for pots, and trinkets. MY PEOPLE were done a lot worse than yours ever at the hands of “white ” people. Do we whine and scream for restitution? NO! We have the since to understand that all have endured, that all are not responsible for these things. Your people need to grow up! and this is from a PROUD RED NIGGER to a BLACK ONE!

  12. Retards gonna retard. Now murderers are the victims of murdered little girls? With such clear-eyed perceptions, your community should be doing great by 2388 or so.

    • I think everybody recognizes that subconciously you want to be that big black dick obsessed, misleading little white girl who feels like she can actually only be sexually satisfied by being raped & murdered by a felonious black male.

      Aniga Shakur,


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