Guilty, Gutless & Damned White America Remains in Denial of the Racial Karma it Deserves; Relive the Jennifer Ross Christmas Eve 2005 Reparations Protest!


Leaders and members across the National Black Foot Soldier Network have launched a nationwide discussion on the racial karmic retribution the white man has opened himself up to because of his kind’s unrestituted for atrocities against the world’s people of color.

“That these filthy creatures who call themselves humans that are white could and do think they are above the universal laws of nature, God and karma bespeaks the psychological sickness that is now inherent in them because of their unwillingness to change,” says Chesterfield County Black Foot Soldier Hampton McKenny. (Source

“The white man has broken each of the Universe’s Divine Laws, grossly violated the human rights of all the non-white citizens of the earth and without regard plundered the earth herself in selfish exploitation of her resources.As such, we must welcome this: the emergence of the universal age of the white man’s karmic retribution,” says NBFSN Divine Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept. “We know now that when any atrocity befalls anywhite person at the hands of any person of color it is in accordance with the edict and bounty the universe has issued against them for their Universal Law violations, failure to make restitution for their racial crimes and crimes against the planet.” (Source)

We live in the time of judgment. So we can expect an infultration of the long-awaited “spirits” of karma and the universal laws to swing into full effect.” – UPJ NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR, TRUTHREVEALED reciting Sirach 39:28-31 28 says: “There be spirits creat-ed for vengeance, which in their fury lay on sore strokes; in the time of destruction they pour out their force, and appease the wrath of him that made them. 29 Fire, and hail, and famine, and death, all these were created for vengeance; 30 Teeth of wild beasts, and scorpions, serpents, and the sword punishing the wicked to destruction. 31 They shall rejoice in his commandment, and they shall be ready upon earth, when need is; and when their time is come, they shall not transgress his word.”

“We Welcome the Emergence of the Universal Age Karmic Retribution Against the Great White Man.” – BLACKFOOTSOLDIERNETWORK

“White America failed to make restitution for race crimes in the time given by Universe to restore harmony & will answer for their deeds. While we deplore violence, we know the martyrs of racial karma are the martyrs of Allah & are also the martyrs of Yahweh and they often cannot deny God’s calling. Yet while they might suffer here on earth for allowing God to use them as His vessels of His sacred and prophesied of karmic retribution, they greatly rewarded in Heaven for collecting the Universal bounties against them.” YakubMuslim condemnation minister Malachi Nigaros says.

4 Comments to “Guilty, Gutless & Damned White America Remains in Denial of the Racial Karma it Deserves; Relive the Jennifer Ross Christmas Eve 2005 Reparations Protest!”

  1. The white race owes nobody; especially mooncrickets anything! Get over it! Anywhere that your inferior race dwells becomes a desolate and resemblance of your third world “Motherland”! Your own race kidnapped, raped your women, sold your children to slave traders! And, your same self-destructive DNA that is breed and hardwired into your very beings is still going to this day in your motherland! And now, your ignorant and inferior race is now paying for your irresponsible way of life in your motherland with Ebola! And, race trading, bleeding heart liberals are trying to save your sorry asses from extinction! White people are exactly why you have anything. If we don’t give it to you; you will rob, cheat and steal it from hard working white people.

    Beware of our new movement… it will sweep the nation like a title wave! This racial cleansing will retribution and judgement for biting the hand that as feed you for centuries! The CODE is coming! Your loss of money, healthcare, housing will be the pre-cursers of the intial phase of the CODE!

  2. You writers on this site should take a course or two in English. Hey, at least those are opportunities you can afford yourselves. Trust me, no community college will turn you away no matter how adamantly you might believe that in your pea-sized brain. It would not only help your English (which needs considerable improvement), it would also give your posts more credence to know how to structure sentences and when to use adjectives and adverbs.

  3. Maybe instead of stewing in your racist hate, maybe you should broaden your horizons a bit. Go out. Meet a white person or two. You might be surprised to find that they aren’t all murderous slave owners. But, shit, you are obviously in a state of self-affirmation and confirmation bias. Keep truckin, you crazy fucks. You black militant types are always blaming such and such reason instead of proactively trying to improve your lives. It’s sad, really. No hope for you types. You will probably die a misanthrope and, worst of all, hating yourselves on a subconscious levels for being born black. Don’t do that. It’s a losing proposition.

  4. Hahahahahahaha you’re really going to fight white supremacy with Judeo-Christian beliefs?! The same beliefs the Europeans indoctrinated into your people? This is too funny. Hating whitey while praying to White Jesus. Hahahahahahahhaha. Clearly, there are no real intellectuals on this site.

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