Triplets, Not Twins! Lucy Elizabeth & John David Brother Postpartum Nancy Smothered to Death at Birth? “I will be surprised if we can just keep one of her babies alive.” (2014 UPDATE:) John STRICKEN w/ sudden blindness, Lucy develops Yakub Melnaoma!

upm-NGIDSB-a PRAYER CALL: KEEP NANCY GRACE PRECIOUS TWINS ALIVE: SEND IN PRAYERS OF TERRIBLE ACCIDENTS YOU don’t WANT TO BEFALL LITTLE JOHN DAVID & LUCY ELIZABETH upm-NGIDSB-aaZora Barrons X, the sister of reknown clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X says, since the death of superstar Michael Jackson, she has received disturbing visions of terrible and tragic accidents anxiously seeking to consume the precious twinsof celebrity crime hawk Nancy Grace. SOURCES CLOSE TO THE CIRCLE OF MOTHERS CONFIRM THEY HAVE OBTAINED LOCKS OF THE TWINS HAIR SO THAT PROPER BLACK MAGIC FOR THE CHILDREN’S LIVES CAN BE PERFORMED. “It appear they may be burned to death in an accidental fire or killed in a terrible car accident in which Nancy herself will survive,” the prophetess says. “The Sinister Winds of the East have spoken and want the children,” she says. “Unless we can meet them with an greater prayer force, they will be consumed by the Winds’ wrath.” Grace, who Zora says the Winds have interpreted as a tongue in cheek champion for missing children and victims’ advocate appear to have offended them beyond correction. “I will be surprised if we can just keep one of her babies alive,” she says. “The last vision of their deaths and Nancy’s pain was so visually clear,” she says, “I immediately took it before the Circle of Mothers for judgement and interpretation.”

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