Cosby 1st Rape of White Woman CONFIRMED: Widow of Emmett Till Killer Carolyn Bryant! See NBFSN editorial, ” Though through the laws of Divine Racial Karma, we know these racist white cunts certainly deserved to be drugged, sodomized & raped by black males, DRK’s due interest would have had them scalped, set on fire & dismembered too. We can only continue to support brother Cosby & sit with him in awe of the wickedness of these despicable female dogs that have learned to walk on two legs & speak English.”


(NBFSN Editorial) What the fuck is this Cosby was so powerful bullshit?. When ever in America’s history has a white woman cried black male rape & regardless of evidence that black male wasn’t lynched, killed or thrown in prison. It is a fact that white America, it’s anti-black media & its anti-black judicial system would have taken pleausre in the racial humiliation & racist dethrowning of brother Bill Cosby. These accusations, by this cabal of racist witches, is nothing more than a collective attempt to tarnish this great man’s works.

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