Promoting White Racial Terrorism VS Fighting to Rid From World: The Difference Between S. Carolina Shooter Dylan Roof & Tennessee Shooter Mohammad Abulazeez


Preaching Illuminati’s “the Jews did it” & “Black Empowered by Jews” Racism Script, Race Con Artists Duke & Black @ Stormfront Make Fake Racism Look Easy; Congrats!

How the Illuminati’s “the Jews own all the banks” & “blacks motivated by (Fake) Jews” Propaganda  Destroyed  the ‘once upon a time’ legitimate White Nationalist movement.:

White Nationalist Wizard of Oz, Reparations Offender & Stormfront Racial Terrorist David Duke Declared Persona Non Grata in Hitler Homeland; (Plus) How “The (Fake) Jews” Destroyed the White Nationalist Movement; “Will Illuminati racist Duke ever reveal fake Jew & phony racism truths to his Stormfronters?”

The White Hush Crime & Blacks Motivated by (Fake) Jews to Hate Whites Lies; ” What little credibility white nationalism had as a movement w/legitimate causes is gone,” Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs; “But we can all understand why whites are angry: the Native Americans slaughtered millions of them & stole their land, the Africans enslaved & racially terrorized them for over 400 years & Iraq bombed their country & stole their oil.”

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