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June 30, 2016

Psycho Cave Mom, Who Was Gun Advocate for Whites, Christy Sheats Heeds Homocidal Inner Voices Inherent to Whites & Shoots & KIlls Cave Daughters Taylor & Madison in Street! Mom Shot by Police! “Atleast they are all dead,” Divine Racial Karma says.


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June 24, 2016

3 (((HOT))) Blondes, I Mean (((HOUSE NIGGER))) Uncle Toms to Watch: Justice Clarence Thomas, CNN’s Don Lemon & 2016 Presidential Candidate Ben Carson!


9 Black Celebs Malcolm X Would Call Modern Day Uncle Toms …

 Sep 5, 2013 – Malcolm X’s speech on the role of Uncle Toms and modern house Negroes. Don Lemon. On November 5th, 2013 speaking during his regular …
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June 24, 2016

New “House Nigger” Clorox: Make Your Skin Match Your Character, (FEATURING) 2016 Presidential Candidate: Ben Carson & The Story of the Devil & the Coon, Donald Trump & Darrell Scott! “”A vote for Trump, says you’re not satisfied w/status quo,” Coon Scott said.


June 24, 2016

Vile Skin Sinner & Unrepentant Reparations Offender Abigail N. Fisher who filed suit against University of Texas’ Affirmative Action for Preference of Black & Minorities’ Entrances receives “F – ” … has “poorest grade of skin Caucasians can have” & is “ripe for melanoma by Ra or Yakub Melanoma” – Yakub Ultraviolet Light & Melanin Dermatology


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June 23, 2016

Eumelanin (black & brown melanin) $384.50 a gram. Gold $40 a gram. Pheomelanin (pink & yellow melanin) $0.00 a gram. Eumelanin worth more than 12 times gold’s cost!


June 23, 2016

The4thAngel’ New Masthead Ridicules “Weak-Skinned, Easy to Destroy by Ultraviolet Light” Whites, Introduces the Yakub Melanoma & the (((HOT))) Melanoma Execution! “If your God isn’t a respecter of persons, you’re a Gentile,” Antioch Hades. “Melanoma isn’t a cancer. It’s a curse.” #goodluckwithSPF! #melaninmatters!



June 21, 2016

“Elvis was a hero to most But he never meant shit to me you see Straight up racist that sucker was Simple and plain Mother fuck him and John Wayne,” Public Enemy; Ever wonder what prompted those lyrics? “The only thing Negroes can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes.” Elvis Presley. “I believe in white supremacy,” John Wayne.


June 18, 2016

Alligator Kills 2 Year Old Devil Lane Graves While Piggish Parents Vacation at Disney’s Upscale Grand Floridian Resort; “THANK GOD FOR THE ‘GATOR!” Blacks Against White America (BAWA); “We are thankful this vile two year old mutant won’t have the opportunity to grow & continue his kind’s racial terrorism against our people.”


ORLANDO — Authorities recovered the body of a 2-year-old boy dragged into the water by an alligator near a Disney resort, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said Wednesday.

Members of the sheriff’s office dive team located the remains of the toddler, identified as Lane Graves, around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, nearly 17 hours after the reptile snatched the boy, Demings said. The body was discovered intact, he added.

Demings identified the parents as Matt and Melissa Graves of Elkhorn, Neb. The family was vacationing at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Orlando when the attack occurred in a man-made lake.

“It was a tough message to deliver to them,” the sheriff said. He added the parents asked him to thank all the members of the public who prayed for the safe discovery of their little boy.