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March 28, 2018

‘The mayor and the city of Sacramento have failed, you hear me?’ he continued. ‘Rent is too high. The gang-banging has to stop. The poverty is uncontrollable.’ – Stevante Clark

On March 18 Stephon Alonzo ‘Zoe’ Clark, 22, (above in an undated file photo) was shot 20 times by police officers searching for a suspect breaking car windows in Sacramento, California

The brother of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot 20 times by police interrupted a city council meeting by jumping on the desk in front of the mayor.

Stevante Clark marched into the specially-convened meeting of Sacramento City Council on Tuesday and jumped on the dais before chanting his brother’s name, interrupting Councilman Larry Carr.

Security guards surrounded him and seemed to try to lead him out, only to have audience members yell out, ‘Let him speak!’

Clark walked to the public microphone in the middle of council chambers, yelling, ‘Shut the f— up’ at audience members who he wanted to be quiet.

The protester asked the audience, ‘Do you love me?’ to cries of ‘Yes!’

‘If you really love me …,’ he said before pausing and adding, ‘My brother just got shot.’

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