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22 Responses to “About”

  1. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

  2. You need to talk more about white female celebrities like Amanda Seyfried and Dreama Walker. They both said something about being against reparations. Liberal white girl style. But still. They need to get it. Spread the word.
    Amanda Seyfried and Dreama Walker need to see the truth!

  3. Its so much that has been lost thru these demonic actions for years the devil can never repay us its time to release these strong holds upon us spiritually so we can move up and on with the Gods of Supreme love and life not hate violence and death. This is a great network to have so people know they are not alone on their circumstances and situations that we are fighting for our lives and freedom that we suppose to have abundantly. Revelation is at hands. Im in court proceedings right now in which I was victimized by police,security guards and public health staff but I was arrested as the villain. Pray we all stand tall through it all. Don’t fall Fight for our Rights Stop the violence Show some LOVE REPARATION time and Preparation time for no more acceptance to peoples ignorancy and aggravation brought upon us regardless of color its about character. Keep the movement going good growth gracious and glorious

  4. WOW! your “kill whitie” theme is pretty narrowly focused. Irish Americans were enslaved to work & build. So Which white ppl are you referring to? This is the same spirit as those that hate black ppl for their skin color. Use some intellect, grow your own herb cuz obviously the shit your smokin is laced with some Monsanto GMO poison. Stop Eating GMO Chicken, Mcdonalds, and CORN raised beef. eat more fresh greens & vegan-style food – then maybe you’ll feel better.

  5. you are nothing more than filthy negro vermin. you are the progeny of slaves, which means that you are further from worthless than mosquitoes. africans were sold into slavery to arabs and whites by OTHER AFRICANS in the first place, so your hatred is very well misplaced. but of course, with minds as simple as the negroids, its understandable that you can’t grasp such a concept. and it makes sense that blacks would create a site such as this. your violence is unending. look at your home continent. since whites gave control of the various “countries” to africans, civil war, strife, famine and disease have ruled the day. not that it wasn’t like that before europe tried to give you law and order, its just that africans were far too simple back then to develop writing and keep records. of course, how does one write down “click click, jibba jabba”? blacks are a race too dumb to even grasp depression, much less art or any other form of abstract consciousness. i know, its not your fault you were born half evolved. but it is your fault that you pollute the world with such filth as this bullmess instead of doing the honorable things. and by honorable things, i mean suicide or organizing a movement to haul your own sorry big black asses back to the horsehead.

  6. Where’s Julius? Is this one of the “back up” sites from 2007-2008 era? – Pitythafool

  7. Molon labe, niggers.

  8. Everything published on this site, or any site akin to it, or by anyone who deems his or herself a constituent, propogator, or supporter of content found herein or similar to, currently has and will never have even a diminished impact upon society to a minute fraction of a degree of what that author may desire with their greatest hopefulness to exact.

  9. Niggers gonna nig! I would trade every nigger for a monkey if I could.

  10. It’s true when they say white women love the BBC. BUT!!!!, thats the weaker ones who will fall for that trash. White men know the size of a black man’s dick I bigger than theirs. They know we can wipe them & their women out completely in 50 yrs of fucking.

  11. Whites haven’t learned anything. I am a white girl who totally, unquestioningly, accepts Black Supremacy and the absolute entitlement of all Blacks to reparations for the generations of racism They have endured. To the extent that I believe my own proper place is as a slave without rights, owned by Blacks. I am glad I have found this website. More strength and power to the Black gods and goddesses in this world! I would be pleased to know how a mere white girl may serve. (And yes, this is a genuine post!)

  12. I am sick of racist comments here by white men. So I’ve made a decision. Every time I see a new racist comment on this site – EVERY TIME – I will go have sex with a Black man. Think about that, racists. You scream your hate and abuse, and you guarantee that there is a Black guy pumping His powerful seed into a white girl’s womb. Enjoy that thought, white boys.

    • Your probably an inbred obese whale who’s just tired of fucking your dad anyways. The niggers can have you, they like greasy fatty things anyways

      • I guess you’re confusing me with a white American man. Nope. As it happens, I am in my early 20s and I’m a professional dancer. Maybe, even with your severely limited imagination, you can work out from that little titbit of information the kind of body I have. It most certainly is not obese. And don’t bother trying to troll me, you only make the case for castration of white bois like you so much stronger. Btw I should maybe thank you for your comment, as a result I had sex with two amazing Black guys over the past weekend. Well done you.

  13. I hope u bang yourself u faggot ass Pussy ass bitch ur making fun of the death of a 2 year old boy I wish it was you and not him u autistic fuck.hes only 2 and a bitch ass alligator dragged him into the water and ur laughing that he got strangled and drowned and torn apart to peace’s and ur making fun of that like I hope u go to something and that boy come back to life and u die to an alligator not that poor boy I sware I will buy an alligator and hope it bites ur dick off and then all ur body parts until u die.that poor baby didn’t do shit to you and I hope u get tucked in the ass by your mom


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