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November 1, 2012

(BREAKING GBRMAGAZINE STREET INVESTIGATION EXCLUSIVE!) Was 12 Year Old Autumn Pasquale Member of Alleged Clayton BMX (Black Male Sex) Club Consisting of Underage White Boys & Girls Who Seek Black Male Thugs to Pay & Give Oral Sex To?

The parents of twelve year old Autumn Pasquale, whose body was discovered in a recycling bin, are now bemoaning she was treated like trash. According to Gloucester County Penitentiary Islam elders, however, say that according to the laws of Divine Racial Karma, the pre-teen “deserved” to be treated like trash. “Did  Jennifer Cornwell and Anthony Pasquale (Autumn’s parents) ever bemoan their kind’s failure to make restitution for generational race crimes against the Native Americans, the Africans, us African Americans and all the planets people of color? No, they didn’t and they haven’t. They are hypocrites who Divine Racial Karma is feeding them their cake.”

More disturbing, however, is that some in the Gloucester County Ghetto Bragging Rights community allege that (by the girl’s behavior) she may have been playing “rape-lure niggers to kill me” – a psycho-racial game allegedly played by whites in Autumn’s demographic where they beguilingly put themselves in sexually vulnerable situations with black males but actually desire to be killed.

“If Autumn went over to these boys’ house with the intent of rape-luring them and then committing suicide or, worse, tricking them into killing her, then she should be held accountable for her actions,” a Gloucester County Black Foot Soldier is quoted as saying.

It’s being reported that some local Yakub Muslims are condemning the vigils many local whites have now held for the teen and are admonishing the family that, as the Mother Earth and the Sun of God have changed turned their faces against Caucasians, that they should not  bury her corpse within ‘our parents’ dirt. “It is better that her remains be thrown into the streets for the dogs to maul,” their condemnation reportedly states. It has not been determined if her parents will take heed to the advice and repent of their sins. (Developing…)