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March 20, 2012

(SHOCK?) “Most white males, particularly white nationalists, masturbate & ‘finger anus’ at black on white (BOW) rape,” disturbing new Glax Haas Race Research Institute finds

Are white really outraged by black on white (BOW) crime and incidences of black on white (BOW) rapes? A disturbing new Glax Haas Race Research Institute study has found that they aren’t really as outraged as they portray themselves to be and – even more disturbing – if finds they secretly like it.

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February 15, 2012

Channon Christian’s Flowers, Illuminati Racist David Duke & Sexy Knoxville Carjacking Star Letalvis; Reportedly at 1000 Push Ups a Day, ‘Talvis Allegedly Sends Message from Pen to Knox Whites “I’m Ready for New Trial. Fuck Gary Christian. Suck My Big Dick.””

White Nationalist Wizard of Oz, Reparations Offender & Stormfront Racial Terrorist David Duke Declared Persona Non Grata in Hitler Homeland; (Plus) How “The (Fake) Jews” Destroyed the White Nationalist Movement; “Will Illuminati racist Duke ever reveal fake Jew & phony racism truths to his Stormfronters?”