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May 26, 2012

The White Hush Crime & Blacks Motivated by (Fake) Jews to Hate Whites Lies; ” What little credibility white nationalism had as a movement w/legitimate causes is gone,” Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs; “But we can all understand why whites are angry: the Native Americans slaughtered millions of them & stole their land, the Africans enslaved & racially terrorized them for over 400 years & Iraq bombed their country & stole their oil.”


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March 20, 2012

(SHOCK?) “Most white males, particularly white nationalists, masturbate & ‘finger anus’ at black on white (BOW) rape,” disturbing new Glax Haas Race Research Institute finds

Are white really outraged by black on white (BOW) crime and incidences of black on white (BOW) rapes? A disturbing new Glax Haas Race Research Institute study has found that they aren’t really as outraged as they portray themselves to be and – even more disturbing – if finds they secretly like it.

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