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February 22, 2013

“You know what the problem with white people is? You don’t respect anybody’s human-ity except your own! You don’t respect anybody’s pain except your own! Your whole life you thought you’ve been compassionate. But you’re just another white standing on stolen ground reaping the benefits of your racist, murderous & bloody fathers.”


The Trey Rood Melanoma Execution: “Do White Kids Deserve To Enjoy Sun of God? No.” – Georgia Yakub Muslims

“Considering their kind’s historical and contemporary atrocities, should today’s white children be able to carelessly enjoy the Light of The Sun of God,” asks Atlanta Yakub Muslim minister Ramesses Hotep. “No,” he answers.

“Generation after generation after generation after generation of whites have, without even the consideration of making restitution for them, lived off the atrocities of their fathers. Did they think Mother Nature and Ra would not hold them accountable for their greed, hate and conspiracy?

“Let us turn to the ongoing Melanoma Execution of eighteen year old Trey Rood in neighboring Cummings, Hotep directed. While yesterday melanoma and the skin plagues affected mostly their old, today, with the advent of The Sun of Righteousness, it is the biggest epidemic on the planet. Not one of them shall escape.”

Hotep says Yakub Muslims have previously staged successful Yakub Melanoma campaigns in Cumming, Georgia admonishing whites of their thoughts and reprobation and distributing literature to the city’s small black population.

Eighteen year old Trey Rood is believed to have been spotted in one of those early campaigns.

“We are inviting the white world to witness the completion of this execution that it might solidify these truths in whites.”