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January 30, 2016

History, Purpose & Cause: The Difference Between Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan & White Nationalist David Duke is Fighting Oppression VS Racial Terrorism



Illuminati Racist David Duke Committed to Fake Jew Propaganda! Latest: “Understanding the Jewish Threat — The Scorpion & the Frog” …. Nope, Dave, it’s the Polar Bear & the Sphinx! FTFY! Did you forget who Aesop Fables is? 

White Nationalism’s Gnashing Teeth: Illuminati Racist David Duke a “Fake Jew” Slave to Illusionary “Jews Own the Banks, Media, Started All the Wars & Built the Slave Ships” propaganda; “He sold White Nationalism out to NWO bondage. They should rename themselves ‘Fake Jew White Nationalism’. Bishop Yahweh Jacob

 “If we, as real Jews, maintained the ability to wipe away our memory of being chosen only to have temporarily sealed it until the appointed time for it to be self-revealed, (SPOILER ALERT:) impostors  & the regimes who help  keep their illusion alive will want to heed their: the Jews are responsible for all the wars.  Feed generously now, COS we might wake up angry.”  –  Yahweh Jakobs

 White America’s “the (illegitimate) Jews did it” racist psychoganda has reached an all time high. 

“The Blacks are promoted by Jews to kill whites.” Purporters swear! But after the historical racial terrorism they (whites) have committed against us and refuse to make restitution for and the modern day support of that racist infrastructure, why would we need any one to help or show us where to place our anger at or whom to place them upon?”