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October 27, 2012

(BREAKING) Autumn Pasquale: Was She Playing White-On-Black (WOB) Rape-Lure & Kill? (PLUS) What About the Unrestituted for Execution of 14 Year Old George Stinney?

The parents of twelve year old Autumn Pasquale, whose body was discovered in a recycling bin, are now bemoaning she was treated like trash. According to Gloucester County Penitentiary Islam elders, however, say that according to the laws of Divine Racial Karma, the pre-teen “deserved” to be treated like trash. “Did  Jennifer Cornwell and Anthony Pasquale (Autumn’s parents) ever bemoan their kind’s failure to make restitution for generational race crimes against the Native Americans, the Africans, us African Americans and all the planets people of color? No, they didn’t and they haven’t. They are hypocrites who Divine Racial Karma is feeding them their cake.”

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