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September 30, 2016

Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom: they wanted to be robbed, raped & sodomized to death by unawakened, drug dealing ‘nigga’ with felonies to get the (so called) “full black male sexual experience [WTF]” … So they got out there & MADE it happen? The new & perverse young white sexual race turn on: DEATH BY BLACK MALE RAPE! SMMFH!



February 18, 2015

The Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom Reparations Protest & Divine Racial Karma Killing. “Did they think they could escape justice for ever? Yes. But they were wrong.”- Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers; “Ac-cording to Divine Racial Karma, all whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian experienced. Somebody remind these accomplished white devils that under the ‘Do Unto Others As Ye Would Have Them Do Unto You’ law this is what their forefathers would have us do to them.”


“All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian. Somebody remind these desolate demons called whites that this is what their forefathers would have us do unto them.” – Elijah Ahmadinedad

November 17, 2012

Was Channon a Witch? (PLUS BREAKING UNIDENTIFIED SPERM ON PANTY UP-DATE!) Do it Belong to Knox County Most Wanted Svante Hinton, Wanted for Att. 1st Degree Murder, Failure to Appear, Firearm Possession & Failure to Obey Court Order. …. “If Channon liked thug niggas like Lemaricus & Letalvis, would she go for Svante too?

Anybody remember Channon Christian? In 2007 she became Illuminati White Nationalism’s poster girl for the make believe Black On White (BOW) Hush Crime! What’s worse and funnier than this? A ground-breaking GhettoBraggingRights (GBR) street investigation demonstrating that the evidence of this case proved that rather than being a carjacking gone bad, this was a couple of college aged whites who may have purchased a “BOW Robbery, Rape & Slay” from, at the time, already rising street hustlers allegedly hoping they could get what many in their (white, college-aged) demographic are calling the full black on white sexual experience.

Now, does anybody remember the unidentified sperm found on Christian’s panties? Well, beyond whether the twenty-one year old reparations offender was a witch – which (because of a pair of creepy, high-heel shoes that materialized in the retrial of Vanessa Coleman – many brothers in the Knoxville GBR are saying that since Channon seemed to like thug niggas like Lemaricus and Letalvis that she’d probably like Svante Ebinare Hinton. A popular street soldier who has reportedly turned away from Black On Black (BOB) Crime and committed himself to the fight for reparations justice , on the racist Knox County sheriff’s regime’s ‘Most Wanted’ Websites, he’s cited as being wanted for attempted first degree murder, failure to appear, possession of a firearm and failure to obey a court order. “If hard niggas is what she was into, that dirty white cat would of been dripping wet and mouth wide open for Svante,” says Knox County GBR thug Jerel Boi.

Prosecutors rested their case Friday night in the retrial of Coleman. The jury is sequestered in Knoxville for the weekend.

July 8, 2012

“In My Own Words January 5th – 7th 2007,” Knoxville Carjacking Superstar Lemaricus Penning Details of Alleged Black Thug Sex Weekend Getaway Called Carjacking?