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May 29, 2012

THE DEVIL’S PUSSY & MUH DIK! Sexy James “KingTight” Blakston & Dead “Blonde Bombshell Nicola” Furlong: She Wanted to Fucked by “Niggers” AFTER being Killed? “There are a lot of white males & females who want black male robbery, rape & killings. We foresee a day when whites will no longer want sex from black males & will only want us to violently kill them.” – original GhettoBraggingRights publisher Kirkland Perkins

Twenty-three year old emerging superstar performer James “KingTight” Blakston hasn’t been arrested for the what many in the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) are calling the ‘divine racial karma killing’ of twenty-one year old Irish Takasaki City University student Nicola Furlong. But, Blakston has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a friend of Furlong’s who was allegedly, according to Tokyo Metropolitan Police, plied with alcohol or spiked drinks before being taken to the Keio Plaza Hotel in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo after a Nicki Minaj believed to have been attended by both parties.

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